It’s classic American denim, Charlie Brown. Thanks to the success of last year’s Levi’s® x Snoopy collaboration, Autumn/Winter 2019 will see not only a return of Charles Schulz’s beloved cartoon beagle, but the addition of the rest of his Peanuts pals too. Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Peppermint Patty—all of the favorites will be included in a run of jeans, tees, hoodies, truckers, and accessories that add a playful twist to a lineup of Levi’s® classics. And of course, just like the Peanuts comic strip, there’s no shortage of wit and humor on display.

For Levi’s® and Peanuts, this seasonal collaboration is a natural fit. Both brands hold an important place in American culture. Both inspire a deep emotional connection with generations of fans, and both have strong ties to the Bay Area of California. And of course, both brands always put an emphasis on quality, but never take themselves too seriously. A fact that’s reflected not just in the collection’s graphics, but in the construction as well. Like the unique bright yellow tabs and labels on every piece of denim. And the Peanuts print detail on all of the interior pockets of the jeans. That said, the graphics—which fit right in with today’s graphics-fueled streetwear trend—definitely serve as a focal point for the optimistic spirit that both Peanuts and Levi’s® are known for. Whether it’s Snoopy sleeping atop the Levi’s® Batwing logo or laser-etched jeans featuring the entire Peanuts cast, this is a collection that’s sure to excite kids, grandparents, and everyone in between.

“You know sometimes when you have such a good time that you want to do it all again? That’s the way we felt after our Snoopy collab in 2018. We couldn’t wait to work with Peanuts again – and this time, with Snoopy and his friends. We love the way Charles Schulz reflected humanity through his Peanuts characters. So, we wanted to continue that mix of humanity and humor and play with words from today’s meme-culture.”- Jonathan Cheung, SVP, Levi’s® Global Design

The Levi’s® x Peanuts Collaboration will be available in all Levi’s® Retail stores from 1 March 2019.