Laughter is the best medicine. At least for boredom, virus-news fatigue and antsy-pants from being cooped up at home for too long.

Need to change the tune? Set a reminder for 2pm every day because comedy legends, Goliath and Goliath, have partnered with live streaming pioneers to bring you the best LIVE comedy right from their homes into yours. Your afternoon has never been funnier.  

The first instalment of Goliath’s Go Live hits your screens this Tuesday 31 March, you can watch it here: Nicholas, Donovan and Jason will give you their comedic, light-hearted take on lockdown 101, along with segments like the weather (from their windows), and the ‘Millennials’ take on the pandemic’ from comedian Lindy Johnson.

Expect a guest comedian or celebrity to be on the show daily who will join the guys as they chat about what content’s out there and which memes are doing the rounds, with the sole aim of making you LOL on your couches and quote their quips on your socials. 

If you want something silly to be featured, post it and tag #GoliathsGoLive and #SkyRoomLive and let’s see if these funny people think it’s funny too.

The best news is, is that it’s free!  For now. 

To help generate cashflow back into the industry and give artists a means to make some income while events have been cancelled everywhere, is doing what they can to bring you the best local content produced at the highest international standards.

The aim?

To keep you entertained while safe at home, and to get brand partners to come onboard so that the artists, comedians and crews can make a living at a time when concerts are prohibited. 

The result? The world will get to watch an amazing show with local artists performing on a global platform, garnering an international audience.

The Goliaths and are giving you this lock-down season for free to get the ball rolling, but they can’t do it indefinitely and will need help. The industry is calling on brands to get involved by sponsoring the comedy and soon to be launched music series’ to keep the stream free-to-view so that everyone locally and abroad can watch it from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

Please show your support to the industry when they need it most. 

Brands:  Please email if you’d like get involved. 

Labels and promoters: Visit to book your slot.

Keep an eye on for additional line-ups and performance times.