SceloGowane is a sensational Afro-soul & R&B artist who is on the verge of becoming South Africa’s number one voice. A self-taught producer, composer and guitarist. Scelo Gowane was born on the 20th June 1986 in Ntuzuma B Township, Durban in KZN.

His brand new single ‘Grind’ is already getting huge amount of radio support from stations the likes of Ukhozi, East Coast Radio, Ikwekwezi, Inanda FM, Voice of Wits, Massiv Metro, Bush Radio, Jamza Radio, BMH, BCRFM, Aganang, Capricorn FM, Vibe FM, Alex FM, Tshwane FM and more to come

The highly anticipated music video was shot in Durban, KZN by Pilot Films and showcases a day in the life of Scelo Gowane and friends.

“Ndot loves tennis so we added a nice tennis scene which never really happens in SA music videos, so it was cool and different. We wanted something different and real like the song Grind. So we took it to my home town B5 in Newlands for the final scene and used the drone for overhead scenes. We had everyone from B5 come out to see what was going on and the even closed down the road. It was just an amazing one-day shoot”.

‘Grind’ Takes Scelo Gowane back to his roots of Hip Hop and R n B. Growing up in B5 surrounded by rappers and rap producers like Tellaman he had no other option but to sing hooks on their tracks. Based in Durban it’s very hard to miss an Indian influence from food, to their culture and their music. So when he got another opportunity to work with Indian Rapper Ndot, he pushed himself to fuse Indian sounds into the beat, then mixing that beat with Zulu lyrics.

It just takes the track to another level and makes a song like no other South African RnB artist has done before.

The song talks about working hard to get ahead in life. What you see on the Television and Magazines is normally the final product and you miss the hard work to get to that point in life. He is trying to inform people that no matter what you want in life you got to just get your grind on (keep working hard).

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