Soweto’s Finest TIKOLOSHI Dance Challenge #TikoloshiChallenge

South Africa’s Soweto Finest returns with a new single after their popular EP AKVELE KBHUJWE.

The highly-buzzing SA artist’s dance group latest single sees them expanding into amapiano, which is a very popular genre that grew in 2019.

Amapiano borrows from the music that’s been popular in South African townships for decades: kwaito, jazz and house are just some of its raw ingredients. Started in Pretoria, SA’s administrative capital, the rising genre is a sophisticated hybrid of deep house, jazz and lounge music characterized by synths, airy pads and wide basslines. What each producer does with these is as much evolution as it is chemistry.

The word “amapiano” translated to English is “pianos.” It merges an isiZulu plural article (ama) with an English noun (piano). Hundreds of new amapiano songs are released through messaging apps and free file-sharing sites every day. Few become popular, a handful become anthemic and even fewer become ubiquitous, as they’re heard ringing out at countless clubs and parties across South Africa.

Not only did they release a new track but the track features hit amapiano hit-makers Kaygee Daking and Bizizi who blew up from “Kokota Piano” track.

Everybody knows Soweto Finest as a dance group so what its a track without a dance challenge?

Use the #TikoloshiChallenge for your video to appear or listen to the track above

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