After the Ep Launch which happen on the 3rd August 2019 fans waited patiently for the Ep to be dropped. A month and 10 days later Soweto’s Finest debut EP was dropped on the 13 September 2019 and with no surprise it was released on Tom London Birthday.

They’ve entertained fans with dope collaborations and maintained they visibility in the public eye off the strength of they 2018 hit, “Sgubhu Re Up (feat. Kid X),” and they 2019 hit signal that even got TeePee on his own cover vision, “Akvele Kbhujwe (feat. Demor & SK).”

The EP feature six tracks (which can be seen below), two of which being the singles mentioned above.

Let’s track back to 2017 when they released they first music video and track “Shube” which is also feature on the EP but unfortunaly the orginal track of “Shube” that everyone know was not included in the EP.

A year later they released another track which also features on EP and it was dropped on Valentines Day dedicated to woman all over the world. Ke Rata Wena Fela is a love song from a man who loves and is dedicated to only one woman.

The same year after they released Ke Rata Wena Fela, they give us Sgubhu ft KidX which had a lot of people talking.

With three songs that we don’t know before the launch of the EP, the most of Soweto filled up Kwa-Lichaba Soweto to hear on what the group has to offer and wow, all what the fans want to hear was “Akvele Kbhujwe” not even giving “Groovers Park” feat Red Button a chance, which we think it is also another hit song by Soweto Finest but sadly they didn’t perform Bayeke.

Check out his latest offering above (Press the music icon to have a listen) and let us know if you’re feeling it or support the group here.

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