Kubzi Relationship Auditions EP Has Arrived

The first question we asked ourselves when we listened to Kubzi EP is, what is an EP? According to Urban Dictionary an EP which stands for Extended Play is alternate word for a music ‘Single’. This word is used to describe a CD with a small amount of songs in it (About 5)… Where as the opposite to a EP is a LP, which is a CD with many more songs (10/12ish).

So what we are trying to understand why would Kubzi say “Relationship Auditions EP“, when it is actually an LP but that is a story for another day.

Promising singer, producer and songwriter, Kubzi finally has a full-length project to call his own. The exceptional vocalist brings us his 11 track “ep”, Relationship Auditions EP which is expected to bring his need for storytelling to the fore. This coupled with his visceral yet meticulous song-writing and voice notes should make Relationship Auditions a special and worthy listen.

Check out his latest offering above (Press the music icon to have a listen) and let us know if you’re feeling it.

Connect with Kubzi:

Facebook: @OfficialKubzi
Twitter: @OfficialKubzi
Instagram: @OfficialKubzi

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