For those who enjoy a good piece of steak, remember that there are a variety of different cuts of beef. Whether it is the more usual options of which most of us are aware – fillet, rump or T-bone – there are also many others. The trick with all, is knowing how to cook them. Knowing whether something should be flash-fried or slow-cooked – the speciality of our chefs – makes all the difference to the flavour and texture of the meat.

Thicker, juicier cuts of meat are found on the hindquarter – one side of the back half of the cattle carcass including one leg and a rib – from which prime beef cuts. These include:

  • Rump- used for grilling and frying as steaks, braised in pieces
  • Sirloin- used for roasting, grilling and frying as steaks
  • Wing ribs- used for roasting, grilling and frying as steaks
  • Fillet- used for roasting, grilling and frying as steaks.

Fillet also produces a number of variations such as: Chateaubriand double fillet steak which is cut from the head of the fillet with all nerve trimmed off and a little fat left on the steak, fillet steaks which are the middle of the whole fillet and Tournedos, also part of the middle cut of fillet located just under the chateaubriand. This piece contains a bit of fat and nerve tissue and mignon of the fillet – the end piece of the fillet which has a lot of sinew and fat usually used for mincing and stroganoff.

Owner Jason Roberts of Steak Grill and Co provides some grilling tips from his kitchen:

Grilling techniques are critical to creating the perfect steak. Most importantly, a well-aged superior grade of meat such as rump, sirloin, fillet and meats on the bone- need to be expertly cut and artistically worked with both a mallet and hand. Ensure you have a clean hot grill, good quality olive oil, melted butter, meat basting and, of course, good seasoning. Then you need to get the timing just right to make sure that your prime cut is to your taste – something that takes plenty of practice and is difficult to master.

If you’d prefer to have the experts turn out the perfect meaty meal for you, then pop in Steak Grill and Co. Our prime cuts include sirloin, rump, fillet, prime rib, T-bone and tomahawk steak, perfect for that meat lover. Exotic sauces to accompany these include truffle mushroom, blue cheese and vodka, old school monkey gland, béarnaise, oven roasted garlic sauce or pepper and thyme sauce. Some of our delicious signature steaks include Au Polvre (fillet served with a brandy and thyme infused pepper sauce), Deconstructed Carpetbagger (fillet served with smoked oyster sauce and mushroom sauce) or Fillet Flambe (fillet, Cointreau flambéed with wholegrain mustard and cream).

To make a booking at Steak Grill and Co, give them a call on 031 5210269

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