Pin Pop, the popular Stoksweet brand, is excited to announce the launch of its exhilarating new flavour “Blue” alongside the vibrant #PopaWithPinPop campaign.

This campaign, led by South Africa‘s top international dance sensation, musician, and Minister of Cool – Robot Boii, aims to inspire the next generation of influencers to showcase their dance talents for a chance to win an exciting year-long influencer deal with Pin Pop.

Pin Pop instills the confidence to make bold moves and leave a mark on the world. In South Africa, nothing speaks louder than dance, and Robot Boii, known for his dynamic dance challenges and colourful personality, is the perfect ambassador for this campaign.

With an impressive following of 950K on Instagram and 1.2M on TikTok, Robot Boii‘s influence among South African youth is unparalleled. He’s launched the #PopaWithPinPop challenge, motivating fans to display their coolest dance moves.

The #PopaWithPinPop campaign is dedicated to uplifting the youth, unlocking South African potential, and encouraging young creators to shine.

Everyone starts somewhere, and you too can follow in Robot Boii‘s footsteps. Get ready to show off your best moves and be the coolest – join the challenge and be #1!

Call for Entries (Live Now)

Check out the #PopaWithPinPop challenge with @robot_boii_rsa on TikTok.

Purchase your favourite Pin Pop Stoksweet.

Record a video of your coolest dance moves with your Pin Pop.

Post the video on TikTok, tag @PinPopZA, and use the hashtag #PopaWithPinPop. Make sure your video is public.

Entries are open until midnight on July 13, 2024.

Finalist Voting (Live July 15, 2024)

Following the entry period, finalists will be announced, and the public will be encouraged to vote for their favourite videos. The top three winners will be crowned “Pin Pop influencers” for the next year, enjoying an array of exciting opportunities and rewards.

In addition to leading the campaign, Robot Boii will serve as a judge for Pin Pop‘s regional activations, adding his expert eye to the selection of the best entries.

Join the Movement

This campaign not only highlights the fun and flavourful essence of Pin Pop but also celebrates the vibrant creativity of South Africa‘s youth.

Let’s get popping with the #PopaWithPinPop challenge –

Robot Boii on TikTok:

Pin Pop