DESIGUAL Miranda Makaroff Range

True Summer has just begun. And to celebrate, we’re bringing you a colourful, art-filled capsule that screams freedom. Sexual and romantic freedom, freedom of movement… and above all, freedom of expression.

Women entwined with nature in images of orgies, collages of deconstructed sexual symbols, bright colours and seventies patterns. A capsule that tells stories about women and their pleasures. Welcome to Desigual’s freest capsule yet. Eve wasn’t a sinner: she was free and taught us what pleasure was. This is Miranda Makaroff’s inspiration, an endless love for pleasure. During a holiday to Ibiza, while getting in touch with nature she found inspiration in the wild and orgasmic stimulation the moment gave to her. In that instant, her imagination and colours took flight to depict these situations with a message: “let’s be free”.

Organic cotton and EcoVero fabric are the main materials used in this collection. Culottes made from different fabrics, like cotton or something sturdier; tops featuring different techniques, like pleats or finely ribbed fabric; cropped and colourful jackets; cotton T-shirts with different elements or flowing printed shirts. Both for her and for him.

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