In his final interview before his untimely passing, Mpho shares how 016FM made him appreciate the people and community of the Vaal.

Premieres on Showmax on 26 June 2024, with new episodes on Wednesdays.

Showmax has just released the first trailer for 016FM, starring SAFTA nominee Mpho Sebeng (Saints & Sinners, Ring of Lies, Savage Beauty) as DJ Whiskey in his final role before his untimely passing in May 2024. To save their much-loved community radio station in the Vaal from closing, two polar opposite DJs prepare to compete in a kwaal, a radical battle on-air. They know it will be a fight to reclaim the hearts of listeners and advertisers, but don’t realise they will also have to oust a dangerous, shadowy syndicate that has infiltrated the station.

Joseph Sedibo (Rhythm City, Empini) co-stars as DJ Tsietsi

The Showmax Original drama series, which premieres on 26 June 2024, with new episodes every Wednesday.

A Melting Pot of Talent

016FM‘s star-studded cast also includes four-time SAFTA winner Nthati Moshesh (Saints & Sinners, Isono), SAFTA winner Sophie Ndaba (Lockdown), Sello Motloung (The Wife), Katlego Mabote (Outlaws), Mapula Mafole (Rhythm City), Noni Mafani (1802: Love Defies Time), Mapaseka Koetle (Lenyalo Ha Se Papadi) and Mbasa Msongelo (Isithunzi, Saints & Sinners, Z’bondiwe, Rhythm City).
Mpho Sebeng’s Insights

In his final interview, Mpho shared with Zibuyile Dladla what 016FM meant to him.

Why did you want to be a part of 016FM?

For Mpho, it was not just about the character of DJ Whiskey, but the storyline and the setting. The story of 016FM resonated with him as it shed light on the Vaal, a place with a rich cultural tapestry that deserves recognition.

What research did you do for this role?

Mpho delved deep into understanding the pop-cultural movement in the Vaal, particularly the influence of Italian high fashion. By immersing himself in the local culture, spending time with residents, and watching online content, he gained a profound appreciation for the area and its people.

How would you describe DJ Whiskey?

DJ Whiskey, portrayed by Mpho Sebeng, is a character that craves attention and strives to be the center of every situation. Despite his rough exterior, there are underlying reasons for his behavior, showing a complexity that Mpho aimed to bring to life.

Why do you feel 016FM is a must-watch show for South Africans?

Mpho believes that the power of a story lies in its ability to resonate with audiences and bring about healing. 016FM is not just entertainment but a narrative about community and accountability, offering a unique perspective on the Vaal and its people.

With a talented cast, a compelling storyline, and a heartfelt dedication from Mpho Sebeng in his final role, 016FM promises to be a show that captures the essence of the Vaal and delivers a message of unity and resilience.

As we await the premiere of 016FM, Mpho Sebeng‘s legacy lives on through his exceptional performance in this Showmax Original. The blend of talent, storytelling, and cultural exploration makes 016FM a show that is bound to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact on South African television. Tune in on 26 June 2024 to witness the magic of 016FM unfold on your screens.