Remixes Stay True Sounds by China Charmeleon

To honour the 100th release on Stay True Sounds, Stay True Sounds asked SA’s leading deep-house player, China Charmeleon to choose 13 songs from their catalogue to remix! China has fast become a favourite in the South African deep house scene with his non-stop work ethic (releasing 2 full albums and 2 Ep’s in 2020), consequently promoting the rise of his brand.

China crafted his trade from a young age being raised in a church and his father allowing him to explore the keyboard. China took the last six months remixing these Stay True Sounds classics and making them his own, as he would.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy these recreations from SA’s musical genius to celebrate one hundred Stay True Sounds Independent releases!

“I couldn’t have asked for a better catalogue to remix,”. “I am fortunate that Stay True noticed me when they did, and I hope you enjoy my remixes of so many quality tunes!”

says China Charmeleon


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