Mixtape Mondays: soWHAT Afro Sessions mix by Fynite

Right across Urban Lifestyle our DJs and guests are playing the hottest music every day. Whether you’re into afro pop, soulful house, dance, hip hop or any other kind of music you can find a mix that you’ll love, to listen to right now…

South African based boutique record label soWHAT Records taps into its catalogue and cherry picks a selection of its leading vocal based afro house productions for a new compilation series aptly titled ‘soWHAT Afro Sessions.’ Which you can find out more about it here or you can listen to the mix above which was done by Fynite.

Fellow soWHAT Records on social media with the links below and don’t forget to use the hashtag #MixtapeMonday & #UrbanLifestyle.

soWHAT Records Social Media

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