soWHAT Afro Sessions Vol. 1 incl. Cuebur, Black Coffee, Black Motion, Fynite, Maleh

South African based boutique record label soWHAT Records taps into its catalogue and cherry picks a selection of its leading vocal based afro house productions for a new compilation series aptly titled ‘soWHAT Afro Sessions.’

Volume 1 of the compilation contains 12 singles from the likes of leading artists and producers in the South African and global afro house scene including Black Coffee, Cuebur, Abicah Soul, UPZ, Rancido, Black Motion, N’Dinga Gaba & Fynite with featured soulful vocals by Maleh, Mariechan, Stephanie Cooke, Harrison Crump, Mani Hoffman and more.

Selected lead singles from Vol. 1 will be chosen for promotion including: ‘Dangerous’ (PM Project feat Sandy Spady), ‘Keep Falling’ (Fynite) + offcial music video, ‘Love Is Not For Hire’ (Black Coffee Mix) feat Mani Hoffman and ‘Happy Days’ feat Stephanie Cooke (Cuebur remix).

soWHAT Afro Sessions Vol. 1 out now in all stores

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