Building on a long, credible identity defined by innovation and progressive living, Africa’s leading beverage can manufacturer, Nampak Bevcan (CAN DO!), has officially launched its new THINK FUTURE campaign.

THINK FUTURE is a property through which the company hopes to encourage those who interact with its brand to make the kind of daily decisions that will positively impact the environment for generations to come.

This forward-thinking initiative has already served as a springboard for the product innovation that is CAN DO!’s industry-defining CAN CUP (a responsible alternative to single use plastic cups), a first in the world, officially launched at the South African music festival Rocking the Daisies in 2018. Now, coupled with a compelling national billboard campaign that challenges the way we view our role in preserving the planet, and an emotive online visual content piece that tugs on the visceral impact of irresponsible living, the campaign is officially in full swing.

The powerful advert, titled “uMama”, was filmed and produced 100% in South Africa, using its diverse ecosystems and scenic landscapes to bring the message home, is both an ode to the beauty of the country and the world at large, as well as a thought-provoking reality check about the urgency of our situation. And as it happens, it comes at a time where the global population is collectively being confronted with the general well-being of world.

About the advert, Nampak Bevcan Marketing and Sustainability Director Klaus Hass says,

“We understand that sometimes, even for the environmentally aware, the idea of of “saving” the planet can feel like an enormous undertaking that is beyond the efforts of a single individual, making people feel helpless and eventually, even apathetic.”

Director Klaus Hass says

“What we hope to achieve with THINK FUTURE is the notion that these significant changes will not be made only by large scale efforts from a handful of people but instead, many small efforts from millions of people at the same time. Choosing to purchase your preferred beverage in a can for instance, a sustainable package because it is 100% infinitely recyclable, is one such decision that every one of us can make on a day to day basis and play a part in saving the world.”

Director Klaus Hass says

THINK FUTURE will form the foundation for multiple other strategic partnerships with various entities and through many exciting initiatives, activations, content and branding exercises, come to symbolise a pledge to making “think future” not just a phrase, but a lifestyle.

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