PUMA and PRONOUNCE release debut collection

PUMA and PRONOUNCE are set to release their debut collection of apparel, footwear and accessories in an earthy palette inspired by Pumapunku, an ancient archaeological site in Bolivia

Based in Milan and Shanghai, PRONOUNCE was founded in 2016 by Yushan Li and his creative partner Jun Zhou. The high-end brand reflects the pairs’ shared love of handcrafted garments and a desire to perfect the creation of truly global and genderless clothing.

Yushan and Jun have a unique approach and playfully weave references to Eastern, Western and ancient cultures and philosophies into what they create. This approach fits seamlessly into the collection, which combines ancient inspiration with modern and minimalistic design.

Key items include Look 1: Mirage Sport (R2 499), Track Top (R3 299), 7 8 Pants (R1 999), Lightweight Coat (R7 999) and Graphic Tee (R1 199) and Look 2: Suede Mayu (R2 399), Dress (R1 299), Jacket (R4 999) and Mini Messenger (R999), both matched with the 5 PNL Cap (R499).

Available from 27 Aug 2021 from, PUMA Braamfontein and PUMA V&A Waterfront, X-Trend, WE ARE EGG and select retailers.