Vlokdegie is back with “It Was On A Friday Evening” EP

In 2018 Urban Lifestyle publish Vlokdegie first EP – It Aint Real Unless You Prove It (EP). Few months later, in 2019 he release his single – “Fuck You Over” and now he is back with his second EP titled It Was On A Friday Evening EP.

It Was On A Friday Evening EP by Vlokdegie is a full two track EP including 45 seconds outro. All three tracks is produced by ShoutOutBeats who also produced “Fuck You Over”. If you liked “Fuck You Over” then you will also like this EP as it is on the same tip. Our question is will he ever feature artist or DJ’s cause the last we heard a feature from him was on It Aint Real Unless You Prove It (EP) or will he ever be featured on someone else track again? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Tell us what you think about the EP by dropping us a comment if anything pleases your ears, your opinion always matters.

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