What began as an ambitious dream by Ricardo Da Costa, rapidly became an inspired movement of music lovers, known for bringing together thousands of like-minded people in celebration of dance music and popular culture. Wait a minute did we say Ricardo Da Costa? Yes, we did. As many people will think that Soul Candi Live is the brain child of Spring Fiesta, we guess you haven’t watched FOX Life Game Changers with Ricardo Da Costa and you will actually find out Ricardo Da Costa is a brain child of many event including Spring Fiesta which he had partner up with Soul Candi Live.

One artist or should we say Dj we thought we should focus on this year Spring Fiest 2019 is Osunlade. Why? Being the second time being in South Africa and not knowing if he will ever come back after what he said last time which we will talk more about it further more in the article, we thought isn’t it the best time to focus on Osunlade.

For those who don’t know who is Osunlade but you probably know his music, here is a bit bio about him. Osunlade was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri. He composed music for Sesame Street during the late 1980s and early 1990s. Afterward, he moved to Los Angeles, California, where he worked with artists such as Patti Labelle and Freddie Jackson. After a stint there, he moved to New York, where he founded Yoruba Records because of

The continued need to create the music i wanted.”


To date he has worked with such artists as Roy Ayers, Nkemdi, Salif Keita, Poranguí, and Cesária Évora. In 2006, he released an album titled Aquarian Moon, in 2007, he released an album titled Elements Beyond on the revived Strictly Rhythm Records, and, in 2009, he released the album Passage. He is a priest of the Yoruba religion of Ifá. Because of his beliefs, Osunlade’s music has a deep spiritual root in Yoruba traditions that are also reflected in the name of his record label, album covers, and also the titles of some of the tracks he has remixed such as “Obatala y Oduduwa” and “Yemeya.”

Fast forward to 2015, when he came to South Africa for the very first time for Spring Fiesta 2015, where people enjoyed his set that he prepared for the crowd and everybody were hoping he we return once again to bless the South African fans another blissful set but this happen …

“Now im certain I’ll get lots of shit for this post however it must be said. It’s been about ten years since my last visit to South Africa and I must say this trip has more than opened my eyes that apartheid is alive and kickin! It’s absolutely the most white privileged place I’ve ever experienced in my life and from this date I vow never to revisit it as long as it’s in its current state! With all the love we artists receive from our brothers and sisters there, it’s not enough for me to justify the treatment and moreso the conditioning that has become the norm for those black Africans.

I suppose I, like most was caught up in the smoke and mirrors of the scene and how our music in general is received there, yet never had I realized the sad state of things. I experienced racism far beyond that of America which I thought was Afefe Iku Osunlade impossible. Not only have blacks been trained to walk with their tails between their legs like well trained monkeys but white supremacy is almost a given and not much a taken privilege.

Now the statement of black have been trained to walk with their tails between their legs like well trained monkeys… got people like Black Coffee saying he should apologies because that is not 100% true but that is story for another day as he continues to say…

To walk with respect as a black man, I was looked upon as in a “how dare you” from the blacks themselves., even to the point of being served after any white person by black attendant in say business class on flights to simply feeling like it’s not my place or right to be in such a position. I am a man like anyone else and I live my life in a treat me as U wish to be treated, but I couldn’t help but feel outraged at how sad things are in this country.

Of course there like anything are the exceptions, I’ve met some amazing people of both sides of the coin but again, performing for so many beautiful black people, sharing moments and music and feeling the love of home, knowing these people probably gave their last to experience hearing me and my peers only to return to some township lesser state of living and treatment didn’t sit well with me. Again I know many will have their opinions about what I’m saying but I could give two f**ks., it must be said! I admit like slavery in the states, which is alive as well today., things takes time to heal and move forward but f**k me, this is a new day where people are celebrated for coming out gay or even changing sex to being applauded for doing what should be common human courtesy toward one another. I won’t sit nor accept the state of this nonsense. Black peoples of South Africa you are not slaves or servants to the whites in YOUR country, I know not what is needed to make change internally but I urge you to wake up and act!

Again I know nothing of your personal struggles but from the outside looking in there is more acceptance than any kind of respect or fight for what’s rightfully yours! Having Nelson Mandela’s name on things or singing songs is not enough. WAKE THE F**K UP AND ACT LIKE TOU HAVE SOME DIGNITY!!

We come from kings and were never meant to only share our culture, land, bodies and spirits as anything less. Light and Power To Us All! I say us as I am you and I hurt experiencing this painful journey.

ps: I urge and call anyone brave enough to refrain from performing in this country., think about your spirit and not your pocket., I know for most this territory is a big part of your career and a huge cash cow however, know u condone and contribute to something far larger than your wallet and music.”


We guess situation change and he came back to bless South Africa with a killer set where he played a special Back-To-Back set with Karizma. Video Coming Soon.