Sió Debut album “sbtxts”

The question some people will be asking, is “who is Sió?”. That is right question to ask if you are not a lover of house music and if you do love house music, which house music do you like because there are so many different types of house music but before we go off topic the real question was, “who is Sió?”.

Sió who also goes by The Twilight child or King is a storyteller, who uses music, poetry, theatre, design and interpretation to tell her stories and has been blessing us with music or her voice since 2013.

Music came to her by accident. The Ennerdale native was asked to sing in choirs throughout her childhood but she was never given any leads.

Writing was harder. She struggled writing and composing anything. At 16 when she wrote her first sound poem, at 17 her first song which “…was a complicated jumble of lyrics I had fit into a song I liked but couldn’t get a hold of because we couldn’t afford to buy music…” and she got the melody wrong.

She derives inspiration from the music itself, the world around her, books and often gravitates towards dark metaphors and images sighting pain as one of her greatest muses. Her style is a product of a love the music she was exposed to as a child.

She has many musical aspirations, the top being to tour a full length jazz album with accomplished musicians.

She is one of the Founding members of, and lead vocalist for the house outfit called ‘Project 5, now known as Project X ’ who released their 5 track debut EP with Peng Africa in December 2014 called ‘Short Encounters,’ and their second EP Called ‘Eclipse,’ was released on the 17 August 2014 under the label Marubini Entertainment. She has also written for Marubini MusiQ’s ‘Take a deep breath,’ EP released under UK based Label FOMPUK in 2013. She has also worked with Luka_WeGoDeep on a various projects the first release by the duo called ‘Next to you,’ with reworks by Jazzuelle, Mark Hand and Keys Snow, released in October 2014, with ‘Next to you Part 2’ released in May 2016 with Reworks by Charles Webster, Pablo Martinez and Sió.

As a consequence of her work on ‘Next to you’ she was invited by the Soweto house duo Lilac Jeans to do a song called ‘This love’ released in April 2015 to a warm international and local response, scouring her invitations to work on music with Julian Gomes, Charles Webster. Her collaboration with Divided Souls & Samuri, lead to ‘North’ released in April 2016 to great reviews, and scouring the song a feature on the DEFECTED IN THE HOUSE IBIZA 2016 compilation.

2017 was a big year for Sió, bringing a string of releases including ‘Hours go by’ by rkls, Chasing with Daev Martian out on the Beating Heart South Africa Series, I decide by SculpturedMusic, Criminal by Jaidene Veda and Pablo Martinez, Closer by Luka,  Tokyo by Sió ft Omak out of Redbull Studios, as well as the 1000 Memories with an amazing remix package with remixes by Atjazz, Karisma, Fred Everything and Osunlade, Which also Won ‘Record Of The Year’ at the first South African Dance Music Awards. It has also seen her score amazing collaborations with the likes of Magic Number, Atjazz, Daev Martian and Revolution. She also place 9th on the Traxsoure top 100  Vocalists of 2017.

In 2018 we saw Sió’s collaboration on A Dream Away with UPZ (from the UPZ album ‘Drop It’ on soWHAT Records) which was making noise on the charts alongside, with the Cuebur Remix doing well alongside The Osunlade remix of Words by AbysSoul and Sió.

Her musical journey since 2013 has spoken in different musical tone and now she has a full-length project to call her own. The exceptional vocalist brings us her 17 track debut album, “sbtxts”.

“sbtxts” is already available for pre-order and comes with a new track, Retrospect. Retrospect is a soulful story nestled between groovy bassline and lively percussion.

She considers herself a lyrical snob, making pains to write songs which look at things from a different angle. She is a story teller at heart, with the gift to craft them well and sings in an old style. Her unique voice is the ear turner that makes the listener want to indulge in her stories which have graced the ears of people around the world and inspired more art. She has a small by loyal following in underground music circles, who appreciate  her ability to move between house, electronic, dance and soul music seamlessly.

sbtxts is said to drop on the 23rd of August. Pre-order it here.

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