Karlie (interviewed by Garbiñe)


Intro by Garbiñe

When I’m not playing matches on the court, I love exploring the fashion world and Karlie has always stood out to me as a powerful creator. Whether she’s walking the catwalk or running a marathon I wanted to learn how Karlie achieves breakthrough moments in fitness, fashion and beyond and where all of her passions meet. – Garbiñe

Your workouts are so fun and you’re always trying different things. Do you have any specific go-tos, and how does your routine change when you’re at home vs. on the road?

I try to add variation to my workouts to keep them fun and ensure I’m not overworking certain muscles. When I’m in New York, I work out at the Dogpound Gym with my trainer, Kirk Meyers. We usually do a mix of HIIT strength training and cardio, but I’ve recently been really into boxing — it doubles as an awesome stress reliever.

I typically workout 3 – 4 times a week, but when I’m on the road, I have to get a little more creative with my workouts. Exercise is one of the best cures for jet lag, so I try to squeeze some in as soon as I get off a plane. I love going on long runs to explore new cities but if I’m pressed for time, I’ll go for a swim in the hotel pool or do some yoga in my room.

How has your approach to fitness changed since you first started modelling?

Fitness has always been a big part of my life. I was an avid ballet dancer growing up and was always involved in different sports. While my fitness routine has changed, I still approach it as a way to challenge myself and build self-confidence.

Does your fitness regime fuel the way you create as a model and entrepreneur?

Definitely. Fitness is just as much about building your mental strength as it is your physical strength. I’ve found that the confidence I gain from accomplishing a new fitness goal carries over into my professional life. When I’m active, I feel more energized, focused and creative in my modelling and entrepreneurial projects.

You seem to always be pushing your fitness goals further, like when you ran the NYC city marathon last year. What drives you?

I’m a really competitive person, so I love taking on new challenges. Before I ran my first half-marathon a few years ago, I could barely run a few miles. As I was training and building up my endurance for long-distance running, I would set goals for myself, which were often more mental than physical. Fast forward a couple of years, and I was crossing the finish line of the NYC marathon. Chasing personal goals really helped me become a better runner and all-around athlete.

What’s your next big fitness goal?

I’m actually training for my second marathon now, and I’m hoping to beat my previous time!

Through Kode With Klossy you’re empowering girls to learn coding. How do you keep building onto this mission and how do you keep everyone motivated to do their part to empower women?

Our Kode With Klossy scholars are the biggest drivers behind the organisation’s continued growth. The creativity, passion and determination of these young women inspires me every day. They have gone on to study computer science in some of the top colleges in the U.S., create apps that serve their communities, and even start their own coding clubs! These accomplishments perfectly illustrate the core idea behind Kode With Klossy — by providing young women with the opportunity to learn how to code, we can inspire them to pursue their passions in technology.

Fashion is such a big part of how you express yourself. Is that the same for when you work out? What do you like to wear when training?

I see both fashion and sport as forms of self-expression. When I’m working out, I like to wear things that make feel confident, but are also comfortable. That’s why I’m really excited about the Statement Collection–the pieces are stylish and easy to wear. One of my favourite items is the Heartracer jacket which is super cosy, but also has chic features like a high collar and asymmetric zipper.

What are you goals for next year?

I want to continue to increase Kode With Klossy’s reach and impact. This year we had our biggest summer yet — teaching over 1,000 girls to code through 50 summer camps in 25 cities across the U.S. I’m excited to continue to expand on these efforts next year, and provide even more girls the opportunity to learn code and become future leaders in tech.

Number one gym essential: adidas UltraBOOST sneakers

Go-to piece from the collection: Believe This tight — the pattern on these is super eye-catching. Plus, the high waistband gives me extra support during tough workouts.

Favorite pre/post workout snack: A smoothie with vegan chocolate protein powder, Califia almond milk and Moon Juice supplements.

Mantra/ Motto/ Words to live by: Strong body, strong mind.

Style icon: Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn.

Partner workout or solo fighter? Partner. I’m always more motivated and have way more fun when I’m working out with someone else.

Stretching or strengthening? Stretching. I make sure to end tough workouts by stretching with a foam roller to prevent injuries and any soreness.

Training with makeup or without? Without. I take off my makeup before every workout to avoid breakouts.

Morning workout or evening training? Definitely morning. Working out is a super rewarding way to start my day.

City or Nature? A balance of both.

After a workout I feel…accomplished, motivated and confident.

Self-expression means…using creativity to express your individuality.