Garbiñe (interviewed by Karlie)


Intro by Karlie

As the ultimate tennis champion, Garbiñe is smashing her goals like no-one else. Fitness has played an important role in building my own mental and physical strength, so I wanted to find out how fitness influences her life both on and off the court, and how she’s empowering the next generation of creative women. – Karlie


After so many successful years on the court, how do you approach setting new goals for yourself at the start of each season?

At the beginning of each season I always try to improve. The goal is always to improve. I say that because when you do not improve you get stuck, so I focus on working the details that I still lack.


When you have a big match coming up, how do you prepare physically and mentally?

I try to visualise the game and the situations in which I can find myself in a match. I try to be focused. I study what I have to do, especially when it comes to tactics. I have to analyse each opponent and try to be as relaxed as possible until the game starts.


In your career, training is part of how you make a living. How do you find ways to keep your workouts enjoyable, rather than feeling like a job?

It’s hard. Difficult sometimes. There are days when you do not get up ready to work hard and make the best effort. In that case I try to find resources to encourage me, I think how lucky I am to be doing what I love when others don’t have that chance. There are days that I don’t see it that way and I have to change my mindset.


I also try not to be too hard on myself and not chase something unattainable every day, but instead be humble and know that I will have good days and bad days. The bad days are especially important since you have to find a way to get through the work and at the end of the day feel that you enjoyed it.


What does your fitness routine look like in the off season?

I am an active person, I always try to keep doing things. When I’m not playing tennis, I look for other sports, or I go walking or dancing…whatever needs to be done to keep me away from the sofa.


What is your favorite non-tennis related workout?

Training in the gym entertains me. I also like dancing a lot, it keeps you active and fit.

Outside of tennis, you’re also passionate about fashion and creating your own designs. What sparked this interest?

I love fashion and I’m starting to make my own designs. My mother’s dream was to be a designer, so I inherited that from her for sure. We are always talking about fashion, what we see in magazines, what everybody is wearing. I also like it a lot when I have the opportunity to be glamorous. All this awakened my interest in the world of fashion – to study, keep myself informed and create my own designs.


Something I think a lot about through my work with adidas is how fashion and sport intersects. What’s your perspective?

The combination is very interesting because it gives you the opportunity to train or compete feeling comfortable and beautiful. The Statement Collection gives you confidence to feel both fashionable and competitive at the same time – the two things are compatible.


You and I have a lot in common in that we’re both involved with initiatives that provide girls access to education. What is the importance of female empowerment and how do you think sport and creativity can be a driving force to support this?

I try to use my exposure in the media to bring attention to the young girls who don’t have the same opportunities I had when growing up. I work with Rooms To Read and we just raised enough funds to start my first library at a school in a small village in Cambodia. I am hoping to have the opportunity at the end of the year to go and visit. I think we can all help, one person at the time.


Why is it important for you to be involved in industries outside of tennis?

I think it’s important to look beyond tennis. The life of an athlete is short and there are other things I would like to do in the future. That’s why I am interested in other subjects and meeting and talking with people who are interesting. I have the opportunity to be exposed to so many things that other young women of my age don’t, so I want a take those opportunities to learn as much as I can, so when I stop playing tennis I am better prepared to face the next chapter of my life.


Number one gym essential: My music

Go-to piece from the collection: Believe This tight — I love the color and I can mix and match with all my tops!

Favorite pre/post workout snack: Croissant

Mantra/ Motto/ Words to live by: You only live once

Style icon: Carolina Herrera

Partner workout or solo fighter? Depends on my mood

Stretching or strengthening? Strengthening

Training with makeup or without? No make up

Morning workout or evening training? Morning

City or Nature? Nature


After a workout I feel…proud of myself

Self-expression means…sharing what is inside of you

I use creativity to…relieve my mind