MASANGO‘s designs took center stage at the 2024 Durban July, the biggest horse racing event in South Africa. Designer Siphosihle, the creative force behind MASANGO, not only dressed himself for the event but also some of South Africa‘s top celebrities and influencers. This year, his clientele included hitmaker Mawhoo, acclaimed DJ Lameiz Holworthy, celebrated media personality Phuthi Khomo, and top influencer & entrepreneur Doro Mongy, among others.

Nikko Toogood

MASANGO was known for pushing the envelope in terms of construction, detail, and interpretation. When a number of A-list celebrities and influencers reached out a month prior to the event to discuss design ideas for their collaboration, Siphosihle began experimenting with the theme “Ride The Wave.” He was inspired by the shapes and motions of water as it covered rocks and receded back into the ocean, referencing childhood favorite cartoons like The Little Mermaid and exploring new fabric manipulation techniques to emulate the scattering and refraction of light in the ocean.

Phuthi Khomo, known for her consistent fashion sense on the red carpet, expressed that her look inspiration came from the ocean’s waves and the idea of flowing with the tide. She aimed to look like a mermaid washed up on shore, with an outfit exuding confidence, elegance, and movement. Doro Mongy, who loved the theme, interpreted it as a commentary on the current political climate, emphasizing the unpredictability and encouraging nature of waves.

Doro Mongy

Siphosihle and his team enjoyed the creative challenge presented by Mawhoo and Lameiz Holworthy, who gave them full creative direction for their looks. Mawhoo trusted MASANGO‘s creative process to deliver something unique and interesting, while Lameiz Holworthy, a regular on red carpets, was excited about the oceanic theme. She envisioned a modern mermaid, torn between being The Little Mermaid or a regal version of Ursula.

Lameiz Holworthy 

Lameiz hoped her look would inspire other women to embrace their beauty and confidence, regardless of their shape or size. She believed that finding the right designer, like MASANGO, could make any woman feel like a goddess.

Overall, MASANGO by Siphosihle made a significant impact at the Durban July, showcasing innovative designs that celebrated individuality and creativity.