On 05 June 2024, Urban Lifestyle had the privilege of attending the launch of Hisense‘s latest innovation: the King of the 100″ TV. This event was a grand showcase of cutting-edge technology and a significant milestone in Hisense‘s journey of excellence.

Unveiling the Hisense 100U7K Mini LED TV

The Hisense 100U7K Mini LED TV is not just another television; it’s a revolution in display technology. With a refresh rate of 144Hz, this TV ensures smooth motion and responsiveness, making it a perfect choice for gaming and movie enthusiasts. The Mini LED technology provides exceptional brightness and contrast, bringing every scene to life with remarkable clarity and detail. The incorporation of Quantum Dot Color delivers vibrant and captivating hues, ensuring an immersive viewing experience.

Dolby Vision IQ further enhances the viewing experience by intelligently optimizing the picture based on ambient lighting conditions. This feature ensures lifelike realism and depth, regardless of the environment. The built-in subwoofer provides powerful, immersive sound, and the AMD Free-Sync Premium guarantees a seamless, tear-free gaming experience.

The Revolution of Light

Hisense‘s Mini LED Pro technology is a game-changer in the world of televisions. It creates an intricate dance of shadows, rendering scenes with a play of light and shade that enthralls viewers at every moment. This innovation delivers deeper blacks, brighter whites, and billions of colors, redefining home entertainment.

Billion+ Shades of Vivid Color

Quantum Dot Color technology elevates the viewing experience by providing an expansive spectrum of intensified hues. Every gradient is finely tuned, and every hue, from the deepest red rose to the subtlest blue sky, is rendered with authenticity. This technology ensures that viewers witness a world that mirrors itself in stunning detail.

Gaming Excellence

The 144Hz Game Mode PRO, enhanced with an integrated game bar, offers ultra-fluid motions with precise variable refresh rates and low latency MEMC. This feature is designed to help gamers maintain their competitive edge, making every frame a conquest. The AMD Free-Sync Premium technology reduces screen tearing and stuttering, providing the most responsive gaming experience possible.

A Proudly South African Achievement

Manufactured in Hisense‘s factory in Atlantis, Western Cape, the 100U7K Mini LED TV is a testament to Hisense‘s commitment to innovation and excellence. The factory, with a capacity of 1 million pieces per annum, is a significant contributor to the South African market. Hisense‘s journey in South Africa, which began in 2013, has seen remarkable growth, with the company becoming the number one selling brand in the country.

The launch event highlighted Hisense’s dedication to quality and innovation. The CEO and the vice president shared the company’s journey and achievements, emphasizing the importance of the South African market and the local manufacturing efforts.

Exclusive Partnership with Hirsch’s

The Hisense 100U7K Mini LED TV is exclusively available at Hirsch‘s, a partnership that underscores the brand’s commitment to offering premium products to discerning customers. The TV, priced at R79,999, comes with a R10,000 Hirsch voucher and free delivery and installation, making it an attractive offer for consumers.

The launch of the Hisense 100U7K Mini LED TV marks a new era in home entertainment. With its advanced features and superior technology, it stands as the undisputed champion in the South African market. The event was a celebration of innovation, excellence, and the spirit of pushing boundaries in the world of technology. Hisense has once again proven that it is at the forefront of delivering exceptional products that redefine the way we experience entertainment.