In a world where playing it safe is the norm, only the fearless dare to disrupt the status quo. It takes guts, grit, and an unapologetic attitude to kickstart a bold beginning. 

Ponahalo Mojapelo

BULLDOG Gin embodies this attitude. As a bold and contemporary London Dry Gin, BULLDOG knows what it takes to stay true to one’s authentic self and embrace new beginnings. Crafted with a daring botanical blend that pushes the boundaries of traditional gin, BULLDOG Gin stands out not just for its smooth taste but for its spirit of innovation. 

Que DJ

The brand’s next Bold Ones campaign spotlights the rebels, innovators, and trailblazers who aren’t afraid to shake things up. The new campaign features four extraordinary individuals who embody the bold spirit of BULLDOG Gin: fashion stylist and curator Amy Zama, storyteller and artist Njabulo Hlophe, model and style icon Ponahalo Mojapelo, and party starter and tastemaker Que DJ. These trailblazers have taken bold steps to pursue their passions and redefine their fields.

Amy Zama

Launching with a black and white brand film, the piece showcases these dynamic individuals and draws us closer into their worlds—worlds where they defy the ordinary and redefine what it means to be bold. Through powerful visuals and raw storytelling, we witness their journeys of courage and creativity, each frame capturing the essence of the Bold Ones: the dreamers and doers who dare to reshape our world. 

Njabulo Hlophe

Growing up in a small town and taking many “firsts” taught Amy Zama to walk the path of boldness from a young age. To her, Being bold is stepping into your higher power and relentlessly wanting more for yourself. She believes beginning a bold journey is about taking the first leap, explaining,Life is unpredictable; if you don’t take the chance, you’ll always live with what ifs.” 

Njabulo Hlophe believes that boldness is a constant revolution.

“Being bold means being unafraid to constantly find new ways to challenge not only yourself but the conventions of the world around you.”

He says,

His boldness, he explains, was forged in his experiences growing up in Soweto and Johannesburg‘s inner city. There, where the lines between survival and creativity blurred, he learned the necessity of breaking the mould—a lesson he continues to take into his craft.

Ponahalo Mojapelo

Ponahalo Mojapelo has a clear definition of boldness: “Being bold means thriving in spite of fear, sticking out like a sore thumb, and turning heads. It’s about pushing through fear and not letting it hold you back. Ponahalo’s most daring moment?

“Modelling in Paris for a major fashion house,” she reveals. It wasn’t easy, though. “There were language barriers and the stakes were high, but I did it. My late mother and my community, especially queer kids who made it big, inspire me every day.” 

she says

A bold move that paid off for Que DJ?

“Releasing my first solo EP, ‘We Don’t Play The Same Gqom,'”.

he explains

It was a big step, and it had a big impact.

“You’re always bold enough to start, so start now,”.

he continues

To him, being bold means being okay with what you believe in, so nothing is unorthodox and you can always do what you set out to do. It’s about owning your ideas and not worrying if they’re different.

“In a world overflowing with possibilities, we often find ourselves stuck in the same routines. Breaking free can be a challenge, and BULLDOG Gin understands this. Born from our own bold beginning, we believe that staying true to your authentic self is the key to conquering self-doubt and embracing a new chapter in a bold way.”

says Ryan George, Marketing Manager at Campari Group South Africa,
Que DJ

“The individuals chosen for our Bold Ones campaign perfectly embody this spirit. Driven to forge their own paths and shatter limitations, they’ve taken control of their destinies. These are people who refused to be ordinary—they harnessed their talents, stayed true to themselves, and persevered with unwavering boldness, just like BULLDOG Gin. Their journeys, like ours, began bold and that boldness has defined them every step of the way.”

Ryan continues,

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