Musical visionary Gigi LaMayne is poised to embark on a sonic revolution as she ushers in a new era with her upcoming album “Vision,” set to release on September 29, 2023. Collaborating with a stellar lineup including Chukido, Megatronic, Natasha Chansa, Lady Du, Robot Boii, Ntosh Gazi, and more. Gigi LaMayne‘s “Vision” promises to redefine the musical landscape both locally and globally.

“Vision” is an innovative amalgamation of genres, a fusion of hip-hop, Amapiano, Afrobeat, and world music that showcases Gigi LaMayne‘s approach in seamlessly blending musical styles to craft a distinctive sound uniquely her own. Its infectious melodies, irresistible rhythms, and thought-provoking lyrics are destined to captivate audiences worldwide.

“Hip hop is a canvas of boundless creativity, a realm that fluidly incorporates samples, symphonies, 808’s, and gospel vocals. Why not invite hip hop to dance with other genres? I consider myself an instrument of hip hop, and these genres as the universal sounds of world music. Drawing inspiration from South Africa to Ibiza to Nigeria, my goal is to craft the quintessential world music experience, rooted in the vibrant sounds of Africa. Amapiano and Afrobeat are on the rise, and I aim to infuse them with the flavorful essence of hip hop. Rhymes and melodies: that’s my bridge from Africa to the world.”

Gigi continued,

Gigi’s eclectic upbringing and global influences are evident in “Vision,” where she collaborates with an illustrious cast of artists, promising an auditory journey that transcends borders.

In addition to her musical endeavors, Gigi Lamayne has a visionary plan for 2024. She will be launching her own label dedicated to signing and nurturing the talent of tomorrow. Aspiring artists are encouraged to submit their demos via this form.

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