Attention all wine and champagne aficionados! Brace yourselves for a whirlwind of flavour and elegance this October because we’re in for a double delight that’ll tantalise your taste buds and uplift your spirits!

Kicking off this fabulous month, we’re diving headfirst into the second week of October with nothing less than Local Wine Week. It’s the time when we, proud South African locals, get to bask in the glory of our nation’s finest wines. Picture yourself savouring the rich, sun-kissed grapes from the heart of our land.

And that’s just the beginning! As October draws to a close, we’re rolling out the red carpet for World Champagne Day on the 27th. Now, at BEV might not have the luxury of champagne but fear not, because they’ve got something equally dazzling up they sleeves – they very own MCC (Méthode Cap Classique). But they couldn’t stop there; they decided to go all-in with the celebrations and shine a spotlight on a South African MCC gem, none other than Black Elephant Vintners’ MCC Cap Classique Brut.

This is all thanks to Black Elephant Vintners, birthed out of pure synchronicity, fortuitous friendships, as well as a deep and sincere love for wine. Jacques is the body, providing what you can see and taste. Kevin is the mind, bringing innovation through creatively cultivating radical ideas for growth and Raymond is the soul, finding immense value in how much clients appreciate the wine and how they become part of the tribe by selecting BEV wines for their special occasions.

Kevin Swart / Raymond Ndlovu / Jacques Wentzel

Kevin, Raymond, and Jacques combined their uniquely diverse skillsets in an earnest endeavour to reclaim fun in the creative process of winemaking. They established their title as the rebels of the vine by constantly trying to demystify the winemaking process to all enthusiasts.

By cutting out the stereotypical “yadda yadda” and pretentiousness of the wine industry and dedicating their raw passion to the craft, the two rebels successfully created a unique range of wines with unrivalled character. Wines that appeal to a wide variety of desires, diverse tastes, and extraordinary occasions. Real wine, for real people.

So what makes this triptych function so brilliantly? Body, mind, and soul… it is the unique contributions each of the three rebels brings to Black Elephant Vintners

Dubbed the rebel winemakers, Black Elephant Vintners strives to demystify wines to all enthusiasts and offer wine experiences without the pomp and ceremony commonly associated with the industry. To this end, Kevin and Jacques have introduced fun into serious winemaking whilst capturing the taste and terroir of the Franschhoek valley in their wines. The diverse Black Elephant Vintners brand portfolio enables them to provide a range of wines with unique physical characteristics that appeal to different desires, tastes and occasions. It is their firm intent to ensure that its wines and brands are exciting, premium and distinctive at all times! 


RRP: R275 VAT incl

Taking its inspiration from the design of the Ducati Monster, we stripped off all the bling so commonly associated with Champagnes, MCC, Prosecco etc. Yes, you can’t read the label which makes you pick it up and engage….now you just have to put it into your trolley and buy it.

Well suited to the African palate, that prefers sweet, but wants to drink a dry style. With a sugar level of 8g/l, well below the Brut limit of 12g/l, combined with the Chardonnay/Pinot Noir blend we have a style that is far more accessible.

A very Sociable style that is suited to large parties, weddings and groups of friends, you will need more than one bottle.

Tasting Notes:

A classic blend of Chardonnay (75%) contributing fruit and elegance and Pinot Noir (25%) for complexity and length of flavour. Light yeasty aromas and tones of citrus, freshly picked red apples with rich creamy complexity and cherries on the palate. The exceptionally fine mousse contributes freshness and finesse

So, whether you’re sipping on the rich and robust local wines during Local Wine Week or popping the cork on some bubbly bliss for World Champagne Day, this October promises a wine and champagne extravaganza that’ll leave you raising your glass with pure South African pride. Cheers to the misfits, the rebels, and the sparkling moments ahead!

To visit the estate and make a reservation, contact 021-876-2903 or email

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