The SA Hip Hop Award winning female rapper, Gigi Lamayne and international DJ and music Producer Megatronic are set to challenge the status quo with a powerful and uplifting anthem of liberation “Let My People Go”. Off the back of her last riveting single” Menzi Ngubane ” which featured the renowned Lady Du and Robot Boii, she showcased her versatile lyrical prowess, on an undeniable amapiano rhythm. In “Let My People Go”, Gigi Lamayne and Megatronic invite listeners to open their eyes to the struggles behind the everyday hustle and bustle of life. This is the second installment which will give us a glimpse into her new era of creativity.

The Love and hip-Hop reality TV star has teamed up with UK born DJ, Performer and Producer Megatronic who recently graced the Berlin Rave The Planet Parade stage. The Power house  artists have poured their pioneering energy and creative flair into a song that speaks to the human spirit. From the production driven by a beating drum, Gigi Lamayne‘s open cry in the chorus reminiscent of African traditional music, this song is bound to set your soul on fire.

“Let my people go” is a song that carries a meaningful message of liberation, freedom and social justice. It serves as a call for redemption for the previously oppressed communities, urging an end to social injustice and discrimination. Above all, it resonates hope, resilience and yearning for the world where everybody can live with dignity and freedom.

This song is an ode to the people across race, and across borders the message showcases how the fabric of humanity is what connects us all. Gigi Lamayne and Megatronic have breathed life into “Let My People Go” and we cannot wait to see how this collaboration builds bridges and allows the sound of Africa to be taken to the world.

Speaking to Gigi, this is what she had to say:

“In my home, music knew no boundaries. From the unique sounds of the Commodores to Whitney Houston’s power, we embraced it all. I watched as my family played sounds from around the world on our old radio. I began as a poet and found my way into this wonderful world of music,”.

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As the release date of Gigi Lamayne‘s EP draws near, fans and music enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly anticipating the magic she is set to unveil. With her innovative approach to music and her intention to bridge continents through her artistry, Gigi Lamayne is a true musical visionary, breaking barriers and creating a harmonious world through the universal language of music.

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