Rookie USA is an online one stop shop for the trendiest kids clothing. The company is home to the biggest and most iconic global brands; Converse, Hurley, Jordan, Levi’s and Nike.

The South African-based apparel, accessories and footwear company was created in 2011 to serve as a complete online premium kid’s retail experience for kids aged 0-20.

Converse is for the adventurous, bold and independent creative explorer who needs a wardrobe that will allow them to express themselves through physical action and social expression. Without compromising style, comfort and fit; Converse provides durable clothing for the adventurous explorer.

Hurley is made for the young surfer that needs cool graphic tees and trendy board shorts to get ready for their sessions.

The Jordan’s kid is a sport’s legend in the making. They strive for the same success as Michael Jordan and as a result; require a trendy wardrobe that suits their active lifestyle.

Levi’s is for the relaxed easy-going cool kid who loves the trendy clothes made by America‘s denim leader.

Nike’s wardrobe focuses on functionality and self-expression so it is perfect for the kid that gets active early with unlimited potential and contagious energy. They represent the future through performance and lifestyle.

Each brand is unique and will definitely suit any kid’s quirky personality.

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