Last month saw the partnership between the Lebo Mathosa Foundation and local fashion brand Monday To Monday with the launch of a limited edition collaboration T-shirt to celebrate the legacy of legendary South African artist Lebo Mathosa.

This commemorative design features an iconic image shot by renowned South African photojournalist Neo Ntsoma during the height of Lebo’s career. The imagine originally from an unreleased collection of photos that formed part of what was meant to be a calendar to be released in 2007 in celebration of Mathosa’s 30th Birthday.

Fast forward 14 years, this dream comes into fruition through fashion celebrating Lebo Mathosa’s 44th Birthday and her as an icon.

Presented on a white and black t-shirt, the print is served in monochrome with a powerful image of the singer in her signature blonde hair and bold style.

Launched online on her birthday, the 17th July, the limited edition t-shirt retails exclusively online for R499 and R599 at montomonday.com.

A large portion of the sales will go to the Lebo Mathosa Foundation for their ongoing activities and operations.

‘As a testament to the unwavering impact she had on the worlds of both fashion and music, we are super excited about this partnership with Monday to Monday. When their team approached the Foundation about this collaboration, we felt it was a great fit to further celebrate her legacy on her 44th birthday’ 

said Tebogo Mathosa, founder of the foundation and brother to the late Lebo Mathosa

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