Mixtape Mondays: Guest Mix by Deniece Marz

Download the mix here.

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Deniece Marz career begin in 2015 after an encouragement from her music producer brother, Daev Martian and now she is the most spoken DJ in the Johannesburg event industry, before COVid-19 put a stop to events in South Africa. The question is if she has already done so much in her career like closing off for Skepta while he was in South Africa, what will happen to her career when Lockdown officially ends and what more can we expect from Deniece Marz journey? We guess we will just have to wait and see.

About Guest DJ:

Born Xoliswa Denise Moyo, she grew up in a very musical home with her father being a jazz bassist, her uncle a hip-hop enthusiast and her brother, Daev Martian a music producer. Her sets feature her favourite tracks from hip hop to house, and other genres, thanks to a childhood filled with a variety of musical influences. Having played the likes of Kitcheners, AND Club, and Great Dane, Afropunk, Red Bull Music Festival and Oppikoppi, the passionate DJ and her sound are gaining an increasing following.

Download the mix here.

Sadly Deniece Marz didn’t provide us with the track-list for this week mix but if would like to know certain tracks don’t be afraid to give him a shout out on social media with the links below and don’t forget to use the hashtag #MixtapeMonday & #UrbanLifestyle.

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