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Soulfulists is a duo Namely Maxwell Mvemve AKA CipherSkillz (Disc Jockey/ Producer) who has been feature on Urban Liferstyle plenty of times and Sandile/Tebogo Mfaba AKA Sanza (Disc Jockey/Producer, Film Director ) established the label In 2009 To date origin Soweto, Diepkloof with no musical background what Soever. These two self taught artists / musicians / young entrepreneurs have embarked on a musical journey for over half a decade, and have being enspired by the house / dance music culture through out the world at large. From Inception The duo has made it upon themselves to create and grow their soulful signature, fused with afro beat, jazz and deep house.

One of their most significant highlights was attending the prestigious South African Music Conference In 2012,  where they got to showcase their original compositions which lead them to get  recognition from well known legendary disc jockey’s such as Christos, Vinny Da Vinci And Kanunu etc. Ever since they’ve never looked back and are still on about their business uniting the world of jackers or rather dance music fanatics through their spiritual journey.

Their main focus is to work with artists / musicians who will bring about change and instill a positive message. Also venturing in other media related entities within the arts spectrum. The duo is by far guru’s of their own rights.

Now we have introduce them, let’s talk a bit about the mix. The mix has different kinds of genres of music including acid jazz, new jazz, latin jazz just a whole different kinds of jazz music.

Check the tracklist below or listen to the mix above, by pressing the play icon. Mixtape Monday: The Soulfulists – The Groove Mix Track lists:

Did we just say check out the track lists! Sadly the duo didn’t provide us with the track-list for this week mix as their said enjoy listening to the mix, don’t worry about which track their are playing.

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