Red Bull Amaphiko is a global programme that champions social entrepreneurs driving positive change in their corner of the world. Development, support, and storytelling form the core of this groundbreaking initiative—everything you need to get your vision off the ground.

Inspired by the Zulu word for ‘wings’, Red Bull Amaphiko gets your vision off the ground through an integrated network of development tools, support structures, and storytelling know how. If you’re transforming your corner of the world through sustainable, socially minded, grassroots solutions, Red Bull Amaphiko will help you soar.

Red Bull Amaphiko Academy, 2019 is also an event happening on the 15 – 22 June 2019 at KZN House Music, where they get to connect and collaborate with some of the leading innovators, entrepreneurs and storytellers in the world. Afterwards, they team up with a one-on-one mentor and together they develop business, personal and strategic development plans that they bring to life over the following 18 months.

Watch above and find out more on TEBOGO BATHEBENG on how he is an entrepreneur and how he is changing the corner of his world.