The time has arrived for everyone with an African spirit to get down and groove to the funky fat tunes of Nipho and Sophiatown. Riding on the momentum of 2018’s international success of Nipho and Sophiatown’s debut single “One Night”, the team is gearing up for the release of Nipho’s second single “Warm Skies”.

“One Night” reached #30 on official UK Music Week commercial Pop Club Chart, beating Rita Ora and Dua Lipa to the Top 30.

Released and Distributed by Ingrooves (Universal) in the UK, the single was playlisted (and is still on rotation) on the following international stations: London FM, Europe Radio, Radio Britain, Ox24 FM, Joy FM, Heat Seeker FM, Pop Shop FM, British Isles AM, Midlands Beats FM, Phoenix Radio FM, Hermitage FM,103 The Eye FM, Wythenshaw FM, Keith Radio 107.7, Dj Papi Texas, U.S.A, Energy Dance, Italy

To add to the excitement Nipho signs a worldwide deal with SonyATV Publishing.

To launch Warm Skies – Nipho and Sophiatown will be performing at the National Arts fest 2 – 6 July in Makhanda (Grahamstown).

About WARM SKIES – Words from Nipho

“Warm Skies is the most honest and genuine way I could express the love I have for the place I come from. It’s a feel good song about the land that millions of South Africans and I call home.

However with a fairly young democracy, it’s easy to identify the things that make us flawed and weak as a nation. After a long and drawn out spell of my own depression, I made the decision to aggressively attack the things in my own life that made me fearful, angry and anxious. This pursuit brought about an appreciation and gratefulness for what I have and what I can be confident and convinced about.

As I shifted my focus and perspective I found myself gravitating towards the things that make us strong as a country – our heritage, our culture, our diversity, our resilience and our uniqueness. When you take that all in, you realise that we’re a living, breathing miracle as a country. We’re maybe deformed in some areas but alive and breathing with vibrancy, colour, beauty and a contagious hope birthed by the heroes that have gone before us.

Whether you’re driving down Camps Bay with a glorious African sunset in view or you’re at a late afternoon braai in Soweto – arguing and debating over the football – or singing our national anthem amongst thousands of Springbok fans – determined to drown out and defuse the fierce New Zealand “Hakka”; these are some of the things that make us South Africans. These are some of the things that we ought to be proud of and grateful for. We need to strive for these things and let them inspire us to better our country and better ourselves.

“Music has always played a massive role in reconciling pain and trauma. I wanted to write a track that would lift people’s spirits by giving them a song that they can dance and celebrate to, wherever they might find themselves in life”.

Warm Skies will be out on all digital platforms 28 June 2019.

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