Raymond Ramodisa, also known by his stage name as Raymnd NoTypo, is a South African recording artist from Giyani in Limpopo Province.

Raymnd fell in love with music when his brother introduced him to Rap music. His favorite rappers at the time included Mase, Naughty By Nature, Notorious B.I.G and Big Pun.

But it all started singing at a young age in his church choir while engaging in school competitions where he would triumph to Provincial levels and perform his art in his high school projects.

Beginning to record music in his late high school years, Raymnd would perform in local events, clubs and festivals. He would go on to be crowned Capricorn FM’s MC Of The Week consistently in the year 2008.

In 2011 Raymnd moved to Johannesburg in pursuit of his dreams where he instantly gained respect and recognition commercially as well as on the streets.

Performing regularly in festivals, clubs and local shows alongside industry names and peers, he would later perform in even more provinces around the country.

Raymond has just release visuals of AA featuring PrimeTheGifted and on Prod. By ColinMaanda coming out Unhappy Nigger Habits-Extended play (UNH-EP). UNH-EP is Raymnd NoTypo’s 4th musical work. With production from Maanda Beats, Dxn Swiff, LEEYKEPS and Hyperlect, it is the true soundtrack to an unhappy young black man’s life full of destructive habits.
Featuring artists include Viwe, PrimeTheGifted, Kay-G and Hyperlect.

“Studies are very important, I believe it should not stop either, I still have a few things I would like to study further. I don’t think I would be where i am at this point if i had never studied my profession. Telling stories both visually and vocally got a whole lot better after I gained the Know-How.

In 5 years I see myself having opened doors and broke the ice for many people after myself who have the same dreams and even inspire those with different interests which they would like pursue. I see myself as a respected musician, writer and film maker in 5 years, celebrating 12 years after the release of my first music project and jumping bigger hurdles while I enjoy some fruits of my labour in the industry.

Some of the challenges I face today are reaching bigger audiences, I believe there are many people in the country who would appreciate my music and stories whom haven’t ran into any of my work before.”

This is just the beginning for Raymond NoTypo, a rare breed of his own. AA will solidify him as a true contender and competitor in the industry.

In an industry that is heavily saturated, you need to stand out to stand tall and that is Raymond aim and motivation from now until until.