“We’ve known each other for years, he lives in Copenhagen so we made it over email but there’s more in the chamber, we met up one time in his city and started work on a few other tracks in the same vein so this is a vibe that’ll be carrying forward. I think the meaning is self evident, in the track I make everything plain, nothing too veiled everything raw and in your face. Mostly it’s about a sense of self, and also about the feeling of being an imposter. Which I believe everyone shares, all vying against actual self in order to actualize self-image. It’s also about the people you do things with, and sometimes for.“ – Dada Shiva

“I think as any artist identity really has a presence creatively. I feel having seen Karabo ( Dada Shiva) perform, he brings this unique energy and sense of self. This is the driving force of the videos performance. Yet much like the question of identity in the song, we alternatively flip between these distorted avatars and inverted worlds. For example a mirror often symbolizes the veil between the conscious and unconscious mind. Spiritually it reflects an absolute truth, yet through our personal guise we’ll always see more than what’s really there. It can be about coming to grips with who looks back at you. “ – Stu Kets

Directed by Stu Kets
Director of Photography Chris Kets
Production Assistant Rory Bernickow
Production Assistant Lisa Dawes
Editor Chris Kets
Visual Effects Stu Kets

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Tiwtter : @dadondadashiva
Instagram – @da_don_dada