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Back in the day, the idea of putting your hands on a vinyl record was practically sacrilegious. But early DJs like Dj Reddy D, VINNY DA VINCI, and Dj Fresh learned the techniques we now take for granted and got party crowds moving with their artistry.

DJs create song mixes for audiences at dance clubs and other live events. Being a DJ is about more than just playing a sequence of songs, and many consider DJs performers and musical artists.

DJs select music to engage their audience and use specialized equipment to manipulate and blend songs together using techniques like beat matching, phrase matching, and scratching.

DJs hone their skills through hours of practice with the hardware and software they use to mix music. Advances in technology have lowered the bar for entry in the field, as there are now many software options available to aspiring DJs. DJs typically use a combination of hardware and software to mix music, and part of their practice and training is learning how to effectively use their tools. While many still use vinyl records in hardware setups, software allows DJs to sample music in digital form. Each DJ develops their own preferences in the balance between hardware and software.

DJs must also learn some basic skills like fading and beat and phrase matching. Fading the volume on a track allows DJs to transition smoothly from one song to another. DJs also learn how to count beats and phrases in music in order to match up songs and mix them together. DJs also learn how to use their setup to isolate and manipulate components of a piece of music, like a bass line. Some DJs, or turntablists, learn how to scratch records. In scratching, the turntable is used like an instrument to create new music out of an existing recording. Scratching is an advanced skill and can take a great deal of practice to master.

DJs must also put in large amounts of time listening to and collecting music. For some, this means collecting records, but others create digital collections for use in their sets. Some use both. Creating a collection is an ongoing process and it requires both time and money.

For all that reasons is the reasons why Amy’s says “I am not a DJ”. Check the tracklist below or listen to the mix above, by pressing the play icon.

Mixtape Mondays: I am not a DJ Mix By Amy Track lists:

  1. Nao – If You Ever Feat. 6lack
  2. Tahir Jones – Otla Nwa Metsi Feat. FKA Mash
  3. Fka Mash – Feelings Feat. Naak Musiq
  4. Kid Fonque & D-Malice – Tshamiseka Feat Khensy (Dwson Remix)
  5. Atjazz & Jullian Gomes – Daggers Dawn

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