Born in the Kingdom of Swaziland and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, TheSymphny is a young talent who has been writing, recording and producing music since the age of 12. While he continually refuses to name any single genre as the style of his music, it is undeniably soulful – harkening back to early works of Boys II Men and hinting at the modern influence of other young artists like Bryson Tiller, Drake and H.E.R. In theme, TheSymphny emphasises the significance of individual complexity in acts of emotional growth, love and faith. He asks the listener to consider who we are collectively and of what individual space we ought to occupy as we seek to love both ourselves and those around us without compromising either.

Since the release of his first EP in the Summer of 2018, following his first solo release of Oui at the end of 2017, TheSymphny has continued to rally a groundswell of underground support for alternative soul. Haunting synth overtures coupled with bouncy melodies belied the profound existential questions about faith, love and life he asked within his first compiled work and this trend only continues to be refined. His second EP, “Vol.2”, is a continuation of the unornamented nature of his singing, writing and production – the perfect thematic and sonic addition to a musical series of an artist who has not even hit the stride of his creative prime. Listen to full EP by click the music icon above.


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