The ultimate Sunday fun day was back on 7 July as Pantone Sundays hosted its grand finale of the season at Back Yard Rooftop Bar in Umhlanga.  Sponsored by SKYY Vodka, it was a full-blown celebration of fashion, art, and music that aligned perfectly with the energy of the Durban July that took place over the weekend.

For the season’s closing bash, Pantone Sundays switched things up for a fresh take on their iconic colour blocking approach. Each edition of Pantone Sundays follows the hottest fashion trends and colour reports, with guests dressing up to align to the theme. This time, Pantone Sundays kept them guessing. Featuring a palette of red, blue, green, and grey, attendees only discovered which colour to theme their outfit after buying their tickets.

SKYY Vodka, a long-time partner of Pantone Sundays, elevated the day with premium cocktails that perfectly complemented the event’s atmosphere. The fashion partner for this edition was the Durban-based RICHMANSKYF, a streetwear brand dedicated to producing timeless work with an aesthetic inspired by their environment, the city, and the people.

From the cutting-edge ensembles to the bespoke cocktails, the event was a full-blown celebration of community, creativity, and self-expression with a DJ lineup included:

  • Lonna
  • Febza
  • Ulovanje
  • Zim Dollah
  • Asvante

If you missed the season’s final edition of Pantone Sundays, don’t worry—it’ll be back. Follow SKYY Vodka and Pantone Sundays to stay up to date with events that bring together creativity, music, and fashion.