Selville Records‘ mainstay, Trevor G, returns with his latest EP, “I Had 2.” Trevor G’s music defies categorization, and this EP is no exception. With his signature blend of minimal dub-tech house, sometimes veering into progressive territories, Trevor G once again proves why he’s a force to be reckoned with in the electronic music scene.

“I Had 2” is a testament to Trevor G‘s consistency and mastery as a producer. Building upon his established sound, this EP stays true to the essence of Trevor G‘s music without introducing drastic changes or new blends. Each track remains firmly rooted in his familiar style, delivering the hypnotic beats and infectious rhythms that fans have come to expect from him.

Tracks like “Gone Mad” and “Much Stimming” showcase Trevor G‘s ability to craft intricate grooves and captivating atmospheres, while “Because Gomes Said” pays homage to the influential support he’s received from Jullian Gomes. With “I Had 2,” Trevor G reaffirms his position as a stalwart in the electronic music scene, offering up a collection of tracks that are sure to delight longtime fans and newcomers alike.

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