Da Real Emkay returns to Selville Records with his latest EP, “Just Another Tuesday.” Hailing from the vibrant Eastrand, Emkay’s newest release is a fusion of Afro and progressive house, showcasing a side of him that’s both familiar and refreshingly different.

“Just Another Tuesday” marks a significant evolution in Emkay’s sound since his debut on Selville Records back in 2022. With this EP, he unveils a more matured and refined style that’s equally captivating. Tracks like “Casablanca (Addictive Mix)” exemplify Emkay’s three-step house dabbles, offering a glimpse into his intricate production techniques and infectious rhythms.

But it’s with “Go Deep (Addictive Dub)” that Emkay truly shines, paying homage to the legendary house duo Fish Go Deep while simultaneously carving out his own unique sonic territory. This three-tracker EP is a testament to Emkay’s ability to push the boundaries of genre conventions while staying true to his roots.

Stream / Download: https://tr.ee/ENxiTLbK7I