Having launched his debut project you.me.world last year on Valentine’s Day, R&B and Soul artist KUDZ is back with follow up EP titled From The Heart.

Usually working behind the scene Kudzayi Daniel Mhlanga aka KUDZ is no stranger to the SA music scene. Known for his work as a record producer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music director and audio engineer, he also DJ’s and is a jazz graduate.

His latest offering From the Heart explores the many layers of love and heartbreak through smooth R&B inspired basslines, featuring production from frequent collaborator Fundile Dlamini (Fdeezus)..

On From The Heart he collaborates with singers, songwriters & vocalists G.M.I Venus, Elliie, Jvsn, Zādok, Potha Canklin, Tyree Twill & Tamson Day to add soulful textures to his R&B sound. Layered over these mid tempo beats are heartfelt musings presented as both introspection and outward conversations.

Delicately portraying messages of love, the seven track EP sways between reassuring (the Afropop-tinged “Kuzolunga” and “Be Okay”, encouraging (“Ungephela Mandla”) and buttery (the Tamson Day & Jvsn featuring “With You”.

The first single, appropriately titled “The Intro”, sets the mood with cinematic chords and synths to ease us into Ellie’s heartfelt performance on the second single “Be Okay”. Followed by a great vocal performance by Limpopo singer, songwriter, producer & rapper G.M.I Venus & Jvsn on Best Friend then Tamson Day joins in singing her heart out with Jvsn on With You.

Fresh on the scene Tyree Twill‘s soft-spoken performance on “The Interlude” marks the turning point of “From The Heart” as it switches gears into a sound that triggers feelings of nostalgia with a sound reminiscent of legends past to pair with the tale of overcoming lost love alongside Zādok & Potha Canklin.


  1. The Intro Feat. FDeezus
  2. Be Okay Feat. Elliie & FDeezus
  3. Best Friend Feat. G.M.I Venus & Jvsn
  4. With You Feat. Jvsn & Tamson Dey
  5. The Interlude Feat. FDeezus & Tyree Twil
  6. Kuzolunga Feat. Zādok & Potha Canklin
  7. Ungaphela Mandla Feat. Potha Canklin & Zādokl