Blanka Mazimela has unveiled his latest musical masterpiece, “Mbali,” featuring the soul-stirring vocals of Mbal’yesizwe. This track is a journey of the senses, combining Blanka’s unique blend of organic instrumentation and electronic elements with Mbal’yesizwe’s evocative performance.

Blanka Mazimela’s journey into music began as a dream that was realized when he met Ryan Murgatroyd. Ryan, who became both his mentor and inspiration, alongside his father and brother, played a pivotal role in shaping Blanka’s sound. As Ryan’s protégé, Blanka honed his skills and established his musical identity. His recent release, “Phezulu,” featured on the Africa Gets Physical compilation, is a testament to his growth. Blanka is also set to release an EP on the prestigious label ‘Get Physical’ soon.

Blanka’s distinctive sound is characterized by his use of organic instrumentation and vocals seamlessly fused with electronic elements. He showcases this unique style in both live and DJ sets, creating a rich auditory experience for his audience.

In addition to his music career, Blanka Mazimela holds significant roles in music education. He serves as the content head and head of musical composition for Soul Candi‘s Institute of Music. He was previously the head lecturer at the institute, where he contributed to the development of music production courses that are licensed to over 30 Boston campuses across South Africa.

Blanka’s collaboration with Crazy White Boy resulted in the track “Inthombi,” featured on their latest album. His music continues to make waves both locally and internationally, with plans for a European Summer tour in 2018. Blanka Mazimela’s dedication to his craft and his ability to blend various musical elements have solidified his place in the music industry.

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