On Sunday, June 30th, Altitude Beach in Fourways, Johannesburg, will host its final event, “The Last Dance,” marking a bittersweet farewell to an iconic venue. This event coincides with Osee’s birthday celebration, promising an evening filled with nostalgia and unforgettable moments.


  • Kabza De Small
  • Kelvin Momo
  • Mawhoo
  • Gazza
  • DJ Nel Fae Fae
  • Mfundo Da DJ
  • Chrizz Beatz
  • Bazy B
  • DJ Toy
  • Zane Gulston
  • Salu
  • Vux B

Since its grand opening in 2019, Altitude Beach has been a cherished oasis, offering a blend of relaxation and high-energy entertainment. Over the past five years, it has become a cornerstone of Johannesburg‘s social scene, hosting countless magical moments and creating cherished memories for its patrons.

The official announcement of the closing came with heartfelt emotions, reflecting on the journey that started in 2019. The venue’s legacy is celebrated in this final event, as it pays homage to the vibrant history shared with its guests. The Altitude Beach team expressed deep gratitude for the unwavering support and love from their community, ensuring that while this chapter ends, the spirit and passion will live on with new beginnings on the horizon.

Join us at Altitude Beach on June 30th for “The Last Dance,” a tribute to the countless magical moments we’ve shared. Let’s celebrate the legacy of a beloved venue and look forward to future adventures together. Stay connected with Altitude Beach as they embark on the next chapter of their journey. For more information, visit Altitude Beach.