Following on from her critically acclaimed first single, ‘Whispering Pines’, Mieke Miami brings us a sonorous spiritual Afro-jazz outing in the shape of ‘The Light’ (Release Date: 04 July 2024), taken from forthcoming album ‘Birdland’ (out 27 September 2024). Masterminded by producer Benjamin Spitzmüller, who works with a lot of Afrobeat and highlife bands, the track is centred around a deep, percussive Afro groove which he recorded in the studio himself and switched from a 7/4 to 4/4 tempo.

Mieke’s flute, saxes and bass clarinet create wonderfully woven patterns over Benjamin’s hypnotic beats, underpinned by Mieke’s guitar and keys, as well as Alex Binder’s stout bassline. Both Mieke and Benjamin then added the final production flourishes to this short but perfectly formed tropical treat, for fans of Mulatu Astatke, Rah & The Ruffcats and Philophon Records alike. ‘The Light’ will be closely followed by the release of the Birdland album this summer, with live performances by Mieke and her band across Germany and beyond in the coming months!

Mieke Miami is a multi-instrumentalist, vocalist and producer originally from Hamburg, but now living in the working class, so-called “artistic” enclave of Luckenwalde, in the federal state of Brandenburg to the south-west of Berlin. Her musical origins lie with the jazz saxophone, which she studied in Berlin before starting her song- writing journey in 2014. Mieke released her folk-influenced first album, In The Old Forest, on Sonar Kollektiv in 2015, and having moved to Brandenburg in 2019 to bring up her family, she released her darker, second LP, Montecarlo Magic, on Berlin imprint Fun In The Church in 2021. In 2024 she returns to Sonar Kollektiv with her third album, Birdland, which develops her unique fusion of psychedelic jazz and leftfield electronics with Mieke performing vocals, bass clarinet, flute, sax, keys, programming, as well as co-producing and writing all of the original music. It’s an album that in many ways represents a solo vision, but is also created with a full live band performance in mind.