There’s a rich sense of heritage to be gained by listening to ‘Cosmic Law’ (Release Date: October 20th, 2023). It’s the new album on Atjazz Record Company from Abel, the distinctly polished house project from renowned DJ and producer, Steve Butler. From catching the house bug in the late 80s as a devout collector, his DJ career went from strength to strength. It saw him perform across some of the UK’s most prestigious nights, not to mention internationally.

Since Abel’s first album, 2017’s ‘Rough or Smooth’, Steve Butler has fraternised with some of the scene’s major players. For ‘Cosmic Law’, he’s also collaborated with some notable talents and musicians. Lloyd Wright delivers guitar and bass performances on the album and is a band member of Smoove and Turrell. Relish bass performance by Stan Woodward and trumpet by Ferg Kilsby, both members of Knats, whilst label mate Ross Hillard, a.k.a., Magic Number, drives ‘Traveller’ with his legendary bass skills. In addition, revel in exquisite vocal performances by both Rona Ray and Sabrina Chyld.

The scene is set as ‘Cosmic Law’ opens with ‘Traveller’. It initiates the theme of journeys through music and life, all in harmony with the universe. ‘Let’s Meet Again’ ushers in atmospheric keys and warm strings. It’s adorned by a trumpet performance that wouldn’t sound out of place in a smoky jazz club in the early hours. Together, they dance over a bouncy, percussive 4×4.

Single, ‘Can’t Let You Go featuring Rona Ray’, hears this earthy vocalist paint a picture as emotional as the sentiment behind the title. A bracing performance and a heart-stopping breakdown close this gem. Rona’s second appearance on ‘Cosmic Law’ is ‘In My Dreams’. Its moody verse is switched up a gear by an irresistible chorus, cementing the meaning behind the title of this song. Add a bouncing bass line, and you’re sure to hit repeat.

‘I Just Can’t Wait’ will perk up the ears of anyone passionate about the Balearic sound. It covers an original song by Mandy Smith, and the hugely talented Atjazz Record Company regular, Sabrina Chyld, takes this classic to new heights. ‘Latin Love’ conveys just that. Nylon-stringed guitar, lush percussion and an uplifting atmosphere ascend us into the early hours.

“The title of this project supports my beliefs in a universal force”.

reflected Steve

“After a Deepak Chopra meditation, the album started taking its intended shape, and I was soon connected with the talents of Stan, Ferg and Rona Ray”.

he mused

Include keys, additional production and mentoring courtesy of the owner of the eponymously named home of this release, and we have 11 songs of sheer substance. All convey the force behind this long player’s name. So to sink into this magnificent release, what are you waiting for? Experience ‘Cosmic Law’ now! Available October 20th on Atjazz Record Company through all leading streaming and download sites.