Nautica Competition Sportswear Meets Street Style

Introducing an all new sportswear inspired range from the icons of urban streetwear, Nautica Competition

Sportswear is no longer focused around “being active” only,  it is our loungewear, streetwear and  daywear. 

Without fail, Nautica Competition helps to maximize your wardrobe and your precious time. Leave the gym without having to do a full change of clothing  after your workout and still looking fresh for the streets.

With classic styling and clean lines, this zip pullover jacket will look great with everything from gym joggers, to shorts. It is lightweight and versatile and works well during summer or winter.  

Versatility and quality is key when it comes to interchanging your sportswear looks to streetwear, and the Nautica Competition range effortlessly meets this blend. is dropping Nautica Competitions latest vests, shorts and jackets making it easy for you to shop the various streetwear. 

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