Remixed by NLite.

A light touch of groove: NLite. from a different perspective.

Longevity is best fuelled through the spirit of collaboration- a foundation that the band NLite is already founded on. For their latest offering, the trio (Daev Martian, RFKoncept & Crunchy Sweater) have collaborated with notable artists to produce 6 remixes of tracks from their debut, self-titled album.

This project features incredible remixes by both local and international producers such as Ziyon, Jullian Gomes, Niko The Great (USA/Chicago) and NOTBENJAMIN, while Manana and Nalu lend their impeccably dreamy vocals to this project. The EP is a reimagined state of the original sound from different perspectives, while keeping true to the original essence of the music which aims to create a positive vibration.

As with their debut album, this remix EP is set to be released on the 27th August, under STY TRU BTS– the sister label to Stay True Sounds, a label dedicated to putting the sounds of new-age, local musicians on the map.

With this EP, NLite wants to set the tone for a range of collaborations they have in store for the future, but until then, hope that listeners can enjoy this authentic re-interpretation of their sound.

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