Kiesha releases poetic music video for debut single Airplane Mode

Released to critical acclaim in May this year, Kiesha‘s debut single ‘Airplane Mode’ tells the narrative of wanting to cut oneself off from people and isolate from a world that is constantly online and on their phones. 

“Who needs healthy communication, when you can put the world on Airplane Mode?”

Written from personal experience about relationships in the digital age, Kiesha asks

For the past two months Kiesha has been working closely with Crafford Productions to create a music video which portrays this message.

“The main theme within the music video was isolating oneself from the world. The video visually displays the feeling of freedom within isolation and the therapeutic feeling associated with getting away from the world and its expectations.”

She says

Shot at an open air museum in Walmansthal, the video captures Kiesha wondering among vintage equipment in the grasslands, portraying a sense of isolation and the freedom that comes with it.

“The location felt so surreal and captured all the themes I hoped I could portray within the music video. There were so many different ‘vintage’ vehicles and the plane in the video added an entirely different layer and aesthetic appeal.”

Kiesha says

Adding to the video’s aesthetic appeal are the hundreds of paper planes that were used. While fun to make, Kiesha also describes the experience as exhausting.

“Although the paper planes were something I was adamant about incorporating in the video, there ended up being a total of one and a half thousand planes, of which we used about six hundred. It took a total of three days to make and the work was divided amongst my family members. I don’t think I’ll ever make a paper plane in my life again. However, the end product was beautiful, and the paper cuts were definitely worth it.”

She explains

All the planes were recycled afterwards.

Described as one of her most exciting experiences yet, Kiesha is extremely pleased with the outcome, which beautifully captures the song.

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