On the Mic is a new musical show on Urban Lifestyle where we get artists to perform they latest song and we ask them questions about the song, the creative thought, the production and etc.

On the second episode we feature a producer, rapper sound engineer Daev Martian. Daev Martian has released a new single titled ‘Keep it Real’. He produced and wrote the song exclusively for On The Mic. We have him decoding the song from production all the way to his bars as he explains how to ‘Keep it Real’.

What is to “Keep it real”??  When someone does not change who they are or what they believe due to societal pressure, Keeping it Real is to be genuine, unaffected, honest, Keeping It Real is to conduct oneself and not pretend to be different from who you really are. Stay true and Keep It Real. 

Early on in the month Daev Martian released MLT2 which is his second offering for the year. Have a listen to his #EP: https://urbanlifestylesa.co.za/2020/07/01/daev-martian-2nd-2020-realase-mlt2/