Welcome SONIDO to the Stay True Sounds roster

The label Boss Kid Fonque discovered an incredible new talent in South Africa, a person who doesn’t want to be famous or in the spotlight when people hear his productions… He simply wants his music to speak for itself.

Please welcome SONIDO to the Stay True Sounds roster, he produces beautiful, soulful deep house and this is all he wants you to know… for now.

DJ Feedback

“Fantastic Fresh Vibe. LOVE IT!!!”

Vinny Da Vinci

“Vibes! Feeling it. Thank you”

Jullian Gomes

“fresh and clean sound, itsmine is a jam.”


“Lovely stuff, thanks!”

Fred Everything

“KIller! Great EP, very promising output from one of the most exciting SA artists for 2021!”

Jonny Miller

stream or download: africori.to/intothesun

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