La Difference: Desigual’s Autumn Winter Women & Accessories Collection

In this day and age, why does it matter that we’re asking you to be yourself? In a world of cookie-cutter Instagram filters with about 300 million almost-identical posts, we understand the importance of being different. Of being curious, free, unconventional, fun, colourful, positive, aware, and also responsible. Desigual new collection is an ode to who there are. To the patchwork that makes us unique. To the word ‘casual’ that makes us fun and to the colour that defines us. But mainly, to the future: who will you be tomorrow, if you’re not you today? Desigual are also making progress: Desigual are working to ensure that 20% of the entire la difference collection is sustainable, Desigual have increased their range of sizes in our woven items and are focusing on comfortable and urban garments that let us be free. More free than ever before.

Women’s Collection.
Introducing graffiti, cargo pockets, and heritage details on sparkly, colourful embellishments. Comfortable, loose-fitting looks exude nostalgia and feature flowers and patchwork details filled with memories, from home and further afield. Desigual present a women’s collection that blends styles and the comfort of sportswear for day-to-day wear. The looks come with that essential Desigual touch, with designs, fabrics and bright colours to make them unique. Desigual have reinvented patchwork with hybrid garments that blend fabrics and prints, and Desigual have been bold in their use of our signature trend tools such as photography, tie-dyes, checks, pleats, glitter and tartan.

The Women’s Collection

  • A very floral fall
  • Denim DNA
  • Nomadic Soul
  • Urban Gypsy

Accessories Collection
Desigual have explored new ideas that will become icons of the Desigual brand. From bags designed by Monsieur Christian Lacroix to their new monogram, used to create a graphic, repeated D pattern, and from pleated bags to quilted backpacks, vinyl bum bags, patchwork or trekking-style ponchos, super-long fringing and sporty details in colourful nylon, Desigual have got it covered.

Desigual have continued to play around with designs to make their bags reversible and really playful, choosing sustainable, recycled fabrics. There are more small bags, medium bags and messenger bags, and shinier embellishments. Desigual have opted for fabrics such as nylon, canvas and microfibre, with jacquard patterns, pleats and lots of quilting. Desigual have aimed for a casual, urban style with softer bags that have cargo pockets and removable features.

In backpacks, Desigual have come up with mini prints and maxi versions of their logo, as well as really bright, block colours that are eye-catching and great for creating effective style combinations. We’ve also aimed for total freedom with bum bags that can be worn across the body, messenger-style.

When it comes to the cold, Desigual are head-over-heels in love with ponchos in different versions. Desigual have given them zips and new designs with collars, pairing them with leather gloves and reversible pompom hats, along with matching scarves that are soft and really cosy.

Accessories Collection

  • Plain Colours
  • Logomania
  • Arty
  • Monsieur Christian Lacroix

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